Case Analysis: Quickmedx

 Case Analysis: Quickmedx Exploration Paper

1) Precisely what is the QuickMedx business model?

QuickMedx's business model should be to provide quickly and easy testing centers in high-traffic, retail conditions that are near to pharmacies (McDonald's of straightforward health-care services). For a payment of $35 per check out, patients are supplied rapid tests, diagnosis, and prescriptions pertaining to 11 prevalent illnesses with a certified nurse practitioner. This support provides an substitute (although not just a replacement) to visiting the primary care healthcare provider's office or emergency room to get simple situations.

2) Is definitely the QuickMedx business model viable?

Yes, the QuickMedx business model is definitely viable for the following reasons: 1 . The company pioneered a unique concept; during the time of the case, generally there appears to be not any competitor in the niche. installment payments on your Many common illnesses are easy and quick to diagnose. Sufferers familiar with these kinds of common ailments (e. g., strep throat) know the symptoms, prognosis, and certain treatment and simply want verification and the proper prescription to get their dearly loved on the road to recovery with as little wasted period as possible. a few. Early revenue indicate the notion appeals to the targeted marketplace segment (busy middle- and upper-income families), and makes even more powerful financial leads to lower-economic demographic regions, exactly where many blue-collar workers would not have insurance policy and simply desire an inexpensive option for standard illnesses. 5. QuickMedx sensibly chose to maintain cash flow as simple as possible, simply by dealing simply with price tag customers and avoiding the morass of filing insurance claims due to its patients. This kind of helped the business avoid the administrative and float costs involved in insurance statements. 5. The company is patterned on the strategy made famous by McDonald's: a limited menu that enables the business enterprise to provide customers quickly and inexpensively. 6. QuickMedx and its sponsor client (Cub Foods) aimed at risk management. Jointly they produced refinements and releases that...

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